Orange Regional Arts Foundation

The key focus is to provide ongoing support for the Arts in the district.
This support ensures that Orange continues to be a shining example of a pro-active arts-rich community with a diverse cultural life.
(Est 1984)



We seek to foster the growth and appreciation of the arts, especially among the younger generation and to develop partnerships within the community to provide greater access to the arts.    


The Foundation works in partnership with the established cultural institutions (Regional Gallery, Civic Theatre, Library, Conservatorium and Museum), arts education and the development of local artists and arts projects.



Since ORAF was established in 1984 it has given more than

 $700,000 to the Arts sector. Funds are collected via membership, bequests and donations and are invested. Grants totalling about $38,000 per annum are drawn from the monies earned on the investment. It is the aim of the Foundation to grow the amount invested to over $1,000,000.