Applying for Funding

The Orange Regional Arts Foundation (ORAF) supports and benefits the Orange Regional Gallery, the Orange Civic Theatre, Central West Libraries, the Orange Regional Conservatorium, the Orange Regional Museum and any other cultural activity/project within the Orange Region.


The Application Process

The Orange Regional Arts Foundation has funds available on a yearly basis to support appropriate projects or activities that meet the objectives of ORAF. Proposals will be accepted twice each calendar year – by 30th March and 30th October. All proposals will be considered by the Board of ORAF.


The Application should cover the following:

Overview: A concise overview of the project.

What does the project involve, who does it affect, and how will it occur? Is the project independent, or does it relate to another project or activity?

Objectives: What do you hope to achieve from the project? What are the general objectives?

Time frame: What are the key time frames? How long will the project take? Does the project have mini-stages or milestones, and if so, what are they?

Funding criteria: What reasons justify the funding? These reasons should relate to the funding priorities, not the priorities of your particular organisation. How will the project have a positive impact for the Orange Region?

Cost and proposed budget: What is the total cost of the project, and how much is being sought from the ORAF’s cultural fund? This should be more than a simple total figure. A comprehensive budget should be submitted, which is broken down into component costs. Any internal or external consulting should be noted, along with in-kind or cash contributions from other organisations.

Deliverables and outcomes: What will the project deliver? What are the targeted outcomes?

Success criteria: What criteria can be used to determine if the project was successful? How can the success of the project be measured?

Please forward the application to the postal or email address below by the 30th March or 30th October.



Click here to download the Orange Regional Arts Foundation Acquittal Form

(To be completed and returned to ORAF within 4 weeks of completion of the project) 



To be completed by the recipient.

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For more information

For further details on the Orange Regional Arts Foundation contact -

Orange Regional Arts Foundation

P O Box 647

Orange NSW 2800


Mrs Kathy Snowball

Tel:                  02 6365 3178